New Lusitania: Wheat (and Iron) Farm

The second iron farm that the pigmen of New Lusitania have built follows the same pattern as the first. It is guarded by four pigmen, just as the first is, but instead of having a stone quarry beneath, it houses the wheat farm for New Lustiania.

A single villager has been forced to plant and harvest wheat, while a minecart hopper system beneath collects the wheat for use in breeding villagers and cows.


At this time, the villager occasionally dies to a zombie. Though the wheat farm itself is safe from zombies that come from outside, when they die, they can occasionally spawn a “reinforcement zombie” somewhere nearby. These will sometimes spawn inside the wheat farm and then attack and kill the villager. Someday, a pigman may come along who will solve this problem, but for now, they just don’t care enough about the life of individual villagers…

New Lusitania: Survival Beyond

Aidan, the Pig Who Returned From Beyond, now took the Ore of the World beyond and hardened it with Fire. He crafted a stone sword and a leather helmet and gave them to Brand, the Pig Brought From Within. And He set the Pig to work. The Pig learned to dig the earth, to cut the wood, to build fences and walls and roofs. To corral the animals and care for them. To farm the land and grow the crops.

Aidan, the Pig Who Returned From Beyond, now took the Ore of Fire and purified it. He crafted a golden sword and helmet and gave them to Brand, the Pig Brought From Within. And He set the Pig to work. The Pig learned to fight, and to defend himself. To wield a sword and shield, a bow and arrow. To kill the beasts of the caves, of the plains, of the water, of the air.

Aidan, the Pig Who Returned From Beyond, now took the Ore of Blood and set it ablaze to create iron. He crafted an iron sword and helmet and gave them to Brand, the Pig Brought From Within. And He set the Pig to work. The Pig learned to mine, to smelt, to work the ore and use the metal to build stronger tools that lasted longer. To plan out large projects, construct large buildings, and organize the world.

Aidan, the Pig Who Returned From Beyond, now took the Ore of Ice, beautiful and cold. He crafted a diamond sword and helmet and gave them to the Brand, the Pig Brought From Within. And He set the Pig to work. The Pig learned to lead others, to inspire them. To create an empire. To reach out to other nations in peace and in war. To decide who would live and who would die.

Aidan, the Pig Who Returned From Beyond, now looked upon Brand, the Pig Brought From Within. He saw that Brand was a good Pig, strong and wise, just and merciful. Aidan saw that His work in the World beyond was complete, and He left Brand to rule over Lusitania.

New Lusitania: Witch Farm Work In Progress

While assuming I would make Old Lusitania my home, I stopped working on it for about a month to build out a witch farm. I’d never done that, and still didn’t have all the end game stuff that might make doing it go super fast (beacons, full enchanted everything), but it was a fun project. I learned a lot, and it’s really satisfying to see the glowstone, redstone, and gunpowder roll in during a good AFK session.

What’s been done so far is the basic witch farm itself, a floating platform above to keep it dark, where you can AFK, and where the drops are brought to for storage. Additionally, I’ve created a decorated hallway in the nether from our main nether hallway that leads to the nether portal to the witch farm.

The surface area around the farm is lit up and some of it has been cleared away. Finally, most, but not all, of the caving has been done to ensure that only witches can spawn when you stand on the AFK platform.

Though the witch farm is still a work in progress, it is operational. There is still some caving that can be done to increase rates, but I think they’re decent at the moment. The bigger undone work is a bunch of decoration I’d like to do. I’d like to surround the farm itself in a large haunted house structure, primarily lit up with redstone torches, and properly decorated to be creepy. Additionally, the floating island where you AFK is just a simple platform right now. But eventually it will be a proper floating island, with vines growing down the sides, a potion brewing setup, a much larger storage area, etc.

New Lusitania: Out With the Old

For the last couple days I’ve been putting Old Lusitania into a good state for me to abandon it. That meant packing up all my gear – yay for shulker boxes! It also meant building a real house there for Snowball to live in. Snowball is the zombie pigman that will be the caretaker for Old Lusitania until another player decides to take ownership of the area.

As caretaker, Snowball is guarding his two prisoners, a couple villagers he has captured. He lives in a small house with a bed, and a vertical mineshaft down to a skeleton farm and an abandoned mineshaft. Down at the skeleton farm he’s also built a fishing farm and a small crop farm. Around the other side of the plateau is a tree farm, pumpkin farm, chicken farm, and a larger mineshaft.

On Snowball’s nightstand is a journal that he’s kept detailing the building progress he’s made and his current ennui in a boring life. It also contains an invitation for another to take ownership of the land and remake it as their own.

Quark + Iberia = Quick Armor Swapping

After contributing flat item frames to Quark, I took a closer look at the features in Iberia. Iberia is quite different from Quark, in that it changes the way you play Minecraft, rather than just adding stuff to it. I love playing with both Quark and Iberia, but I recognize that they are two different things.

That said, Iberia has one little feature that fits perfectly with Quark: Quick Armor Swapping. In Iberia, it’s there to make life with armor drawbacks more bearable. But on it’s own, it’s a great little convenience that makes armor stands much more enjoyable to use in Minecraft. So, I took a bit of time, added it to Quark, and it’s now available in the latest version. Enjoy!

Quark + Strait = Flat Colored Item Frames

The first day I released Strait I got a few requests to make it work with Quark’s colored item frames. Taking a look at the code, it wasn’t readily apparent how to make that happen as two separate mods. But I did find and fix a bug in Quark’s colored item frames, and then asked Vazkii if he’d be okĀ if I ported the Strait’s flat item frames to Quark. He gave the go ahead, and after a little bit of work, I got them ported and working well with both regular and colored item frames in Quark. Obviously, if you want flat item frames for 1.9 or 1.10, Strait is still the way to go.