Navarre: Mill and Bakery

Navarre has the first building in it’s Market District: a bakery and mill.

The market district will be south of the agricultural district, between the lake and the stony hills that rise up further east.

The mill is placed down at the level of the river, and has a waterwheel that powers two mill wheels inside the building. These grind the wheat into flour for the bakery housed above the mill.

Because the bakery and mill are set on a hill, the mill open up on the river side, like a daylight basement.

Above the mill, on the main floor, is the bakery, with ovens, storage, a counter for display and sale of baked goods, as well as some produce available for customers. The bakery has a small amount of seating for customers, both on the main floor, as well as on a small raised area above the kitchen.

The bakery is decorated with paintings and has plants in the windows, as well as shutters.

On the south side of the building is a fence between the bakery and Market street. Beyond the bakery to the north, you can see the rest of Navarre.