Navarre: University

The University District of Navarre is complete. The goal for this district was to give the clerics, librarians, and cartographers a proper place to work. This district did not need easy access to water, and so it is built up on the hill, overlooking the rest of the city.

There are two roads that lead to the university. One is an extension of Market street, and the other is a new road coming from the agricultural district.


Along each approach, the visitor is first greeted by gardens. On the market street approach, there are two circular gardens to either side.

On the agricultural district approach, there is a flower garden to the left and hedge maze to the right. The hedge maze is not lit up, so avoid it at night.

Birch Orchard

Around the backside, there is a birch orchard perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Covered Walkways

Before entering the university, there are covered walkways around it on three sides. These provide easy access to the different parts of the university, and are paved with gray glazed terracotta.


Inside the first floor of the university is a large foyer area, with standing tables where people can gather. There is also a helpful cleric to answer visitors questions.


On the same floor is the university classroom, staffed by a professor, complete with a chalkboard.


The courtyard contains more cared-for gardens, and a small pool.


The centerpiece of the university is the cathedral. The cathedral has rows of seating, chapels on either side, an altar at the front, and a nether portal behind it. At the back of the cathedral are stairs up to the map room and down to the university basement.


Within the cathedral are small chapels lining each side.


Below the south end of the cathedral is the basement, where storage for the whole village currently lives.

Map room

Above the south end of the cathedral is the map room. A cartographer is here to show visitors around. A fully zoomed in 2×2 map shows the village area, and a 4×4 fully zoomed out map shows the whole world. In a smaller, lower room there is a 3×3 map that shows the greater area around Navarre.


The library houses a full enchanting setup, and is staffed by two librarians. There is another staircase in the southwest corner leading down to the foyer.

Upper Walkways and Watchtowers

Around the library and cathedral are upper walkways, covered again. These walkways give great views of the surrounding gardens and the rest of the village. At the west end, these walkways provide access to the two watchtowers of the university.