New Lusitania: Prospective Location 1

On the Chicken Pie Craft server, my plan is to build up a kingdom called New Lusitania in a savanna. The server is fairly new, just one month old. In that time I picked out an initial spot, but then got distracted building a witch farm for the server (still in progress, post coming). In the meantime, much more of the map has been explored, and many more savanna biomes have been discovered that might make even better locations than my first pick. So for the next week or so, I’m going to be exploring four to six potential locations, writing up my thoughts here, and then using what I learn to choose an official location for New Lusitania. When I make the move, I’ll officially call my current location Old Lusitania, leave some goodies for whoever comes along and decides to make it there home, and properly abandon it.

Because there can only be one New Lusitania, I’ll just be referring to the prospective locations by number.

Prospective Location 1

The first prospective location is a savanna biome with a rough radius of 150-175 blocks. Two rivers provide northern and southern borders, though the northern river doesn’t quite make it to the sea, so there will be some necessary terraforming to finish that off.

It features a savanna village that goes up the side of the large plateau in the middle of the biome.

A large lake on the western edge of the biome seems ripe with possibility.

Meanwhile the open fields on the eastern side lead down to the open sea, providing a great opportunity to flesh out a large community, complete with a seafaring industry.

The harbor that the southern river spills into is also ideal for docks. Additionally, there’s a pretty awesome ravine just north of the lake that may make a good initial mine, or could eventually become some proper dungeons.

On the nether side, it’s less than 200 blocks from the main north hallway that connects to the nether hub. Below it is some pretty cool nether terrain, not just an empty lava ocean, so I can put that to good use. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that there is a nether fortress nearby.

Overall, this looks like a great location. I suspect it will be one of the better ones I take a look at.


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