New Lusitania: Out With the Old

For the last couple days I’ve been putting Old Lusitania into a good state for me to abandon it. That meant packing up all my gear – yay for shulker boxes! It also meant building a real house there for Snowball to live in. Snowball is the zombie pigman that will be the caretaker for Old Lusitania until another player decides to take ownership of the area.

As caretaker, Snowball is guarding his two prisoners, a couple villagers he has captured. He lives in a small house with a bed, and a vertical mineshaft down to a skeleton farm and an abandoned mineshaft. Down at the skeleton farm he’s also built a fishing farm and a small crop farm. Around the other side of the plateau is a tree farm, pumpkin farm, chicken farm, and a larger mineshaft.

On Snowball’s nightstand is a journal that he’s kept detailing the building progress he’s made and his current ennui in a boring life. It also contains an invitation for another to take ownership of the land and remake it as their own.

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