Iberia: Find Your Way Challenge

This is the simplest challenge so far, and you don’t need Iberia to make it happen. The “Find Your Way” challenge is just that you have to find your own way in Minecraft – no coordinates are available in the debug view that you get by pressing F3. Really straightforward, really easy to implement, you don’t even need to install Iberia. But it’s part of Iberia because of how well it fits the goals.

First, it makes the game more difficult. If you get lost, you’re lost. Second, it preserves the vanilla feel. I actually think this should be the default in vanilla Minecraft. Third, it enhances the gameplay. Now you’ve got to consider how to keep track of where you are when you’re traveling. Besides using the under-appreciated features of maps and compasses, you can use other tools to find your way: landmarks in the environment, of course. Waypoints that you build, or bigger structures that you build. Breadcrumbs that you leave, whether they’re as simple as torches or stone blocks. Beacons as well.

This is a good time to point out that none of these features is set in stone, not even hard stone. But “Find Your Way” is especially open to changing, whether through other ways to make it difficult to get information to guide you that wouldn’t be available in the real world, or more likely, by mitigating the challenge in the same way that quick armor swapping makes slow crafting with armor feasible. In other words, more tools for finding you way, measuring distances, discovering direction (especially in the End or the Nether), and measuring light may be added as a part of this challenge.

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