New Lusitania: The Creation

The pigmen of New Lusitania have passed down the story of the Creation for generations.

In the beginning there was Fire. The Fire was All Things: Good and Bad, Light and Dark, Hot and Cold, Life and Death, Sea and Air and Ore, Pig and Beast. The Fire was Chaos.

At the heart of the Fire, a Pig spawned. The Pig looked upon the Fire and the Light separated from the Darkness, the Heat separated from the Cold, the Sea and the Air and the Ore spread forth and filled the World. Even beyond, the Fire burned, but cooler. And then colder. The Pig spread with the Fire and filled the World.

At the heart of the Fire, a Beast spawned. The Beast looked upon the Fire that had separated and hated it. The Beast loved only the Fire and wanted to become One with the Fire, after all things had become One with the Fire. And so the Beast sought to destroy all that had come from Fire, with Fire. To melt it down, to burn it up. The Beast reached into the depths of the World, and spread to the furthest reaches beyond it. The Beast separated and took on many forms, all of which sought to destroy and consume.

The Pig was in the World, and the Pig knew it not. The Pig was beyond the World, and the Pig knew it not. The Pig looked without understanding, saw without knowing.

And the World changed. The Sea spread out below. The Air filled the space. The Ore bounded the World and separated the Air within from the Air beyond, the Sea within from the Sea beyond. The Sea and Air within were Hot. The Sea and Air beyond were Cold. The Ore within was soft and rich. The Ore beyond was hard and brittle.

The Pig within the World was warm, safe, at peace. The Pig beyond was hungry, naked, and poor. The Pig within basked in the constant glow of Fire. The Pig beyond felt it only distantly, only sometimes. The Pig within ate Gold, the Ore of Fire. The Pig beyond rooted amidst the crumbled, broken Ore for food, but nothing like the Gold within. Over time, the Pig within grew content, lazy, unambitious. The Pig beyond cowered in the Cold, a shadow of the glory within.

The Beast hated the Pig, because the Beast hated all that had spawned from Fire, even itself. The Beast saw that the Pig had separated. The Beast was clever and wanted to consume the Pig within and the Pig beyond. To do so, the Beast used the Fire of Lightning to teleport a Pig within to beyond the world. And to teleport a Pig beyond to within the world.


The Beast was pleased, for the Pig from beyond came within the World, and burned. The Pig from beyond was consumed.

But the Pig from within, who went beyond, was not. The Pig Who Went Beyond knew the warmth of Fire. The Pig Who Went Beyond could not speak with the Pigs beyond, for they had lost their speech. But they huddled close to the Pig Who Went Beyond, keeping the Pig warm through the cold night. The Pig Who Went Beyond had compassion on the other Pigs beyond. He brought Fire to the Pigs beyond.

And he learned from the Pigs beyond. He learned to work. He learned that food could be found amidst the Ore. He crafted tools to break the brittle Ore beyond. He fashioned boats to cross the cold Sea beyond.

The Pig Who Went Beyond longed for the World within. He tried to dig through the Ore to reach the World within. The Pig Who Went Beyond dug deeper into the Ore, traveled further across the Sea, climbed higher into the Air. The Pig Who Went Beyond was no longer the safe, lazy Pig from within, nor the cowering, cold Pig beyond.

The Pig Who Went Beyond fought with the Beast. And the Beast knew him not. The Pig Who Went Beyond crafted weapons and armor from Ore and Fire. He and the Beast fought in the Ore below. They fought in the Sea. They fought in the Air.

Deep in the Ore, after many battles, the Pig Who Went Beyond found the hot Sea. Using a bucket, he mixed the hot Sea with the cold Sea. The Sea became hard, harder than any Ore. The Pig Who Went Beyond could look into the Hard Sea and feel the Fire, a purple Fire, a new Fire. With a stone and some iron, the Pig called forth the Fire and crafted from it a Door from the World beyond to the World within.

The Pig Who Returned From Beyond found that he was no longer like the Pigs within. He was not content in the safe, warm world. But he was not safe in the cold beyond the World. And He could travel between the two using the Door.

The Pig Who Returned From Beyond took others beyond, but only some were like the Pig, touched by the Fire of Lightning. Those joined with the Pig and built in the new World, the World Beyond. And they named their land Lusitania.

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